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GTA 5 action teased with new artwork

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on 28 January 2013

If you’re keeping an eye on everything Grand Theft Auto 5 related then you may be interested to hear that some new artwork has been spotted to advertise the current pre-order campaign for Rockstar’s open-world action adventure.

Snapped at a Gamestop store in the U.S., the first poster shows what we assume is Franklin, one of the three main characters in GTA5. Here he’s seen riding a motorbike armed with a sub-machine gun while a police helicopter pursues him. In the second poster, a masked man appears to be about to rob a jewellery store. It’s been suggested that this is former bank robber Michael, who goes back to crime because his wife has spent all his money.


There’s still no official launch date for GTA V, though the latest rumour points to an end of March release.