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Killzone Mercenary is 'gorgeous', rivals Killzone 3, reports Polish magazine

on 28 January 2013

Little information has been dropped on the hotly-anticipated PlayStation Vita exclusive Killzone Mercenary since its reveal at Gamescom 2012, but a report from Polish magazine PSX Extreme alleges that the handheld spin-off title will blow your socks off.

Specifically, PSX Extreme reports that Killzone Mercenary will utilize a very similar engine to Killzone 3, a game that's widely regarded as one of PlayStation 3's very best-looking. PSX Extreme describes the game as "gorgeous", and goes on to relish over Mercenary's extensive draw distances, detailed character animation, and visual splendor, which supposedly rivals or bests that of Sony Bend's PS Vita launch title Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

A gorgeous game is a shell without gameplay to back it up, and PSX Extreme attests that PS Vita-specific features are being used by SCE Cambridge and Guerrilla Games to flesh out the experience. The framerate is supposedly up to snuff as well; the magazine claims that Killzone Mercenary is stable and playable in even the most intense situations.

Any unconfirmed details should be taken at face value, but it's hard not to get excited for a full-fledged Killzone adventure on-the-go. Voice your hopes and dreams for Guerrilla's first PS Vita title in the comments below.

Source, via Examiner

Thanks to PSU forum member Blacksite for the spot!