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Uncharted demo not working in EU? (UPDATED)

Recent developments have come in regarding the Uncharted Demo available for download through the PSN Store. For North Americans, the download is a seamless transition as they get to catch an early glimpse of the game for themselves.

For Europeans, the same cannot be said. Many people in Europe with the PlayStation 3 have reported that the demo is not working on their EU consoles. When it is launched, the following screen appears:

Wide-spread conjecture points towards a region lock for the demo, despite the fact that all PS3 games are supposedly region free. Then there is the notion that this could just be a mistake on Sony’s part. Let us just hope that this is a mistake and people in the EU can experience the same treatment as those in North America. Someone needs to get on the ball and get this fixed immediately.

Developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony, Uncharted is an adventure game with many search and exploration aspects built into it. The story puts gamers in the shoes of Nathan Drake, a modern day fortune hunter whom becomes stranded on a remote island after trying to explore the treasure of El Dorado. Drake is not alone on the island however, as mercenaries and other obstacles of all sorts tries to post-pone any plans that Drake may have of getting off the island alive.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is set to release on the PS3 exclusively in North America on November 19th, Australia November 9th, and Europe in November.

UPDATE: Sony has issued a statement on the matter, which can be viewed on the Official PlayStation Blog.