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Sony cuts PlayStation All-Stars studio, bids farewell to Superbot

on 4 February 2013

Following the news last week of substantial lay-offs at the studio of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale creator Superbot Entertainment, Sony Computer Entertainment has confirmed that it will no longer be working with the California-based developer.

Kotaku has the scoop after a Sony representative told them that Superbot will cease working with the PS3 and Vita manufacturer from immediate effect, a little over three years after forming.

"Sony Computer Entertainment can confirm that the working agreement with developer SuperBot Entertainment has amicably ended. We have had a positive working relationship with this talented studio, and wish them the best of success in their next endeavor. PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale and the title's forthcoming DLC releases will continue to be fully supported by Santa Monica Studio."

Superbot has worked exclusively on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale since 2009, but a sequel will definitely not see the light of day with Sony's involvement, despite the fact that it scored highly in reviews, including our own. Personally, we believe Superbot is extremely talented and this was one massive marketing and PR disaster.

If you want to join in the conversation check out the thread “Why did PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Bomb?”.

Update: In an earlier story we published that Superbot Entertainment was closing its doors. At time of writing, this is incorrect. Sony is no longer working with Superbot, but the studio is still up and running.