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Skyrim PS3 DLC gets European release date

on 4 February 2013

PlayStation 3 owners have waited a long, long time for any new The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim content, and we finally have some updates for European gamers. Starting next week, Skyrim DLC is finally coming to the PS3. First up is Dragonborn, the most recent content, followed by the house-building Hearthfire content the following week. The month rounds up with the eerie Dawnguard content on Feb. 27

There is one catch. These updates are only for the English version of European releases. Bethesda is still finalizing DLC plans for the French, German, and Spanish releases of the game with Sony.

As a reminder, the same content is coming out for North America as well, along with 1.8 title update, which is slated to release shortly before Dragonborn. During their first week of release, all content is half-off regular price.

To sum it up, here are the release dates:

North America:
Dragonborn releases Tuesday, February, 12
Hearthfire releases Tuesday, February, 19
Dawnguard releases Tuesday, February, 26

Dragonborn releases Wednesday, February 13
Hearthfire releases Wednesday, February 20
Dawnguard releases Wednesday, February 27