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Stringer plays down high definition format war

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on 9 November 2007

Howard Stringer, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Sony Corp, has played down the significance of the on-going high definition format war, which currently sees the company’s own Blu-ray format pitted against Toshiba Corp’s competing HD-DVD technology.

"It doesn't mean as much as all that”, said Stringer, speaking at the 92nd Street Y cultural centre in Manhattan, suggesting that the company is locked in a “stalemate” with its competitors.

"It's a difficult fight," he continued, adding, "We were trying to win on the merits, which we were doing for a while, until Paramount changed sides."

Stringer also expressed wishes that he could have somehow united both camps before being appointed to CEO, a suggestion that he would like to have done if he could travel back in time.

Elsewhere, on a more positive note, Stringer insisted, "We are coming back up again," in regards to Sony’s PlayStation 3 console, referring to its success in Europe and North America following a succession of price cuts.