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Fans generating Final Fantasy Type-0 localization, since Square-Enix won't

on 11 February 2013

User SkyBladeCloud, along with other dedicated fans, started a fan-driven mission to bring Final Fantasy Type-0, an acclaimed title in Japan, to English-speaking fans.

Fans awaiting the Final Fantasy title have been teased with great review scores and reports for it, but Square-Enix has been topsy turvy in the possibility of an official localization effort. In desperation, the fans are pushing to do what SE apparently won't. Posted on Dec. 30 of last year, SkyBladeCloud revealed the ability to manipulate the game code in order to rewrite the subtitle system for SE's handheld title, which dabbles with great detail into the world of rom editing and hacking. He (assumed) goes through the process of what he has to do in order to recreate the game with English subtitles, and the full details of his work, as well as the feedback and collaborative efforts of his localizing compatriots, can be found here in their forum post.

Current progress, and even some rom-menu manipulation, on the fan-based localization can be seen on SkyBladeCloud's Youtube page. Even though we here at PSU do not condone the manipulation of game consoles and the code for their games, it's hard not to appreciate an effort to bring a beloved game to as many fans as possible.

Via Kotaku, GBATempt, Sky Blade Youtube page