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Brothers in Arms isn't dead, says Gearbox boss

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on 12 February 2013

Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox Software, has moved to quell fears that the studio has abandoned the Brothers in Arms series.

Concerns over the future of the popular shoot-‘em-up IP were raised after the planned Furious 4 title ended up transitioning into a new game altogether.

However, Pitchford promised this isn’t the end of the franchise, telling IGN that “there will be an authentic Brothers in Arms game.”

"We haven't announced that yet, but I'm really excited about where that's going too. We'll announce these things in due course. There's a lot of neat things we have going on. When you're in pre-production and you're in these iterations, it's kind of reckless."

"We love Brothers in Arms and we're committed to more time in that space. As we get to places where it makes sense to announce things in that regard, we'll do that too,” he added.

So, why did Furious 4 evolve into something new? Pitchford explained it was a natural, iterative process, where the project eventually stood on its own feet without being constrained by its Brothers In Arms trappings.

"We were going to make another Brothers in Arms game. That was the starting point. But the design in that group just iterated and evolved into this exciting, fun kind of gameplay that we weren't doing in Brothers in Arms. It was winning on its own merits, but it was not Brothers in Arms. I said 'look, unhinge it from Brothers in Arms. Continue to drive and iterate even further."

Stay tuned for further news on the Brothers in Arms series as we get it.