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Lair delayed in Europe

November 9 was supposed to be the day when the European market finally got their hands on the highly sought after PS3 exclusive, Lair. Unfortunately however, we can report that the game has in fact been pushed back a whole fortnight.

November 23 will be the new day of destination for all you flying dragon enthusiast. While Sony has not come out with any official confirmation as to why the delayed took place, we can only speculate that it probably had something to do with in house logistics. Either way, why would Sony wait so long to announce a delay?

Lair is a PlayStation 3 exclusive from the developers Factor 5. In Lair, player will take control of a warrior who travels around on a bloodthirsty dragon to help bring peace to a war torn civilization.

What sets Lair truly apart from many games is that it makes great use of the Sixaxis motion sensor controller, almost better than any PS3 game to date. Lair is currently available in North American.

Source: Eurogamer