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'Evolution of PlayStation' continues, Sony explores PS2 history leading up to PS4 reveal

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on 16 February 2013

As the days count down to the reveal of PlayStation 4 on February 20, Sony is looking back at its gaming history in a video series dubbed "Evolution of PlayStation." Last night, we were given a look at the marketing and release of the original PlayStation. Today, Sony treats us to a history lesson on PlayStation 2.

The video, shown below, is featured alongside the first release on the official PlayStation Meeting teaser site. We expect that videos documenting the history of PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita will debut on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, respectively. Each one will bring us closer to Wednesday, when PlayStation 4 will be unveiled to the world.

We invite you to use the comments section below to share your fondest memories of PS2 gaming. Did any PS2 games impact your life? What experiences do you fondly look back upon? Let us know, check out the PSU staff's fondest PS2 memories, and keep it right here at for everything PS4 as news breaks.