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First look at Bungie's Destiny, a new sci-fi FPS for PlayStation 3

on 17 February 2013

After months upon months of silence, Bungie has finally let the world glance at its upcoming ambitious project, Destiny. This morning, the studio best known for Halo released the first ViDoc about the franchise. Titled "Pathways Out of Darkness," the documentary is a reference to the studio's debut first-person shooter Pathways into Darkness.

Most of the ViDoc contains concept art footage animated like a motion comic of what seems to be the prologue to the game. A male voice narrates the back-story that predates the game's timeline in which a small portion of humanity is saved from apocalyptic extinction by a massive spherical object called The Traveler. The narrator continues to explain that you, the player, are a Guardian who protects humanity's cities from mysterious invaders.

Other parts of the video feature Bungie employees explaining and showing some of the new features players will find in Destiny. One such feature is a mobile app that will provide updates about the game or allow you to send alerts to your Destiny friends. Some of the game's user interface, such as for selecting your character and destinations, is also highlighted. Bungie emphasizes that this is a game that is alive and will "take on a life of its own," hinting that the game's ecosystem and story may be influenced by the choices players make.

Towards the end, the ViDoc reveals a little bit of actual gameplay footage. Destiny looks gorgeous, with huge expansive locations and a distinct organic look. The art style fuses sci-fi and fantasy aesthetics to create a distinctive appeal unlike anything Bungie has done before. Halo composer Martin O'Donnell's sweeping score permeates throughout the video as well.

As beautiful as Destiny looks, it doesn't appear like it's running on a next-gen console. Curiously, no console logos are shown on the video's end title card.

Check out the ViDoc for yourself and tell us your thoughts in the comments. Check back to PSU for more updates on Bungie's Destiny soon.