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PS3 is celebrated in latest 'Evolution of PlayStation' hype video

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on 17 February 2013

As the evening of PlayStation 4's almost-certain reveal draws ever closer, Sony is continuing its exploration of PlayStation history with a third 'Evolution of PlayStation' video.

This time, the current-gen PlayStation 3 is put on a pedestal for its powerful contributions to the high-def era of gaming. The PS3 also introduced PlayStation Network and--much later--PlayStation Plus, two services which have grown to encompass and embody the exciting opportunities that digital gaming offers.

With two whole days left before the PlayStation Meeting on February 20, it remains to be seen how Sony will continue drumming hype for the PS4's coming-out party. Then again, maybe they don't need to - a series of leaks and reports have given us information about everything from the PS4's controller to its streaming capabilities.

Many of you are probably playing your PS3 right now - what moments of the current generation strike you as important or impressive? Sound off in the comments below, and stay glued to PSU as we continue covering every report and breaking news story leading up the PS4's reveal on Wednesday evening.