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PS Vita gets price drop in Japan, US price drop coming?

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on 18 February 2013

As announced moments ago via live webcast, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan will reduce the price of PlayStation Vita in Japan from roughly 25,000 yen to 19,980 yen, effective February 28.

The price drop applies to both 3G and Wi-Fi PS Vita models. While the price drop is only confirmed for Japan at this time, it's not illogical to think the United States and Europe could follow suit. In fact, the timing of this announcement is uncanny; Sony's PlayStation Meeting in NYC is right around the corner, and would make an ideal venue for confirming a US and EU price drop. For reference, 19,980 yen equates to approximately $215 U.S. dollars, and roughly 161 Euro.

We'll keep you updated as we hear more from Sony Japan's webcast. Stay glued to in the coming days for coverage of the PlayStation Meeting on February 20, where a PS4 reveal--and now, a PS Vita price drop--is highly expected.