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Leaked documents suggest PlayStation 4 will be significantly cheaper than PS3

on 18 February 2013

With the PlayStation Meeting only a few days away and hype for a possible PlayStation 4 reveal intensifying, leaks and rumors run amok. Most recently, the Times got ahold of some interesting information regarding the supposed price of Sony's new console.

According to the Times (paywall), leaked internal documents make mention of PS4's possible price point. The documents mention that PlayStation 4 will be sold around £300 (Roughly $399 USD). That is one-quarter less than PlayStation 3's launch price tag of $599, back in 2006.

It is great to see Sony take everyone's financial situation into consideration and aim to price PS4 in a more reasonable range. With only two more days until February 20 and PS4's probable reveal, it may not be long before we know for sure.

Tell us what you think of this potential price point--is it too much, too little, or just right? Leave your comments below, and stay glued to PSU on Wednesday to watch Sony unveil the future of PlayStation in our official livestream.