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PSN sales in India up 30% following web store launch

on 19 February 2013

Sony has revealed that PlayStation Network sales in India have gone up by 30% since introducing the Sony Entertainment Network web interface in that region.

Sony tells MCV, "The Sony Entertainment Network store was initially launched for limited countries. We’ve launched it for India as well now, and I don’t know how much knowledge is there about it, but the initial feedback we’ve received has been very positive."

Country Manager of Sony Computer Entertainment India Atindriya Bose continues, "Purchases have gone up on the digital side since launching the web store. Without quoting specific figures, the number has gone up by around 30% since we launched the web store. Now people are becoming more aware about PlayStation Plus and what it offers, and those subscriptions have been picking up nicely."

It's nice to see PlayStation gamers in India enjoying everything Sony has to offer. Of course, maybe India's got it better than the rest of us - the region will be treated to colored PS3 consoles in mid-March.