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New 'Evolution of PlayStation' video highlights exclusive games and Gran Turismo

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on 19 February 2013

As we approach tomorrow's PlayStation Meeting and likely PS4 reveal, Sony has been teasing us with a serious of videos highlighting its entire history of consoles and portable gaming devices. For the latest entry in "Evolution of PlayStation," however, they've decided to tackle their library of exclusive games.

The video, shown below, showcases many of the PlayStation-exclusive games that we have come to know and love like Fl0w, Journey, The Unfinished Swan, LittleBigPlanet, The Last of Us, and many more. Strangely, the video spends an inordinate amount of time on Gran Turismo, suggesting that Sony may soon have news to share about the storied racing franchise.

What do you think? Does Sony's highlight of Gran Turismo give us a hint of a new addition to the franchise on PlayStation 4? Tell us what you think and make sure to keep your eyes on PlayStation Universe for livestream coverage of the PlayStation Meeting tomorrow night!