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Does dust in your PS3 void the warranty?

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Lets get straight to the point; at USD 599 (early 60GB price) or USD 399 (current 40GB price) the PlayStation 3 is some pretty expensive hardware. The last thing you would want to happen is something terribly wrong which cannot be repaired. Furthermore, if something shall happen to your PS3, you would want to be in the insurance that it is covered by a warranty.

With that being said, one of the more common questions is that of dust voiding the warranty. Things that can void the warranty include neglecting to maintain your PS3 in top form, but what about dust accumulating inside your PS3? Does that count as neglect? Well during a recent phone conversation with a Sony CSR, an individual named Ive asked this very question. The transcript points out the details:

Ive: I'm calling just to pretty much clarify the PS3's warranty, if there's any clause in the warranty that makes it so that if the PS3 is too dusty that the warranty is void.

CSR: No.

Ive: No?

CSR: No. The only way that it, um, voided is if it was neglected, um, abused, dropped or anything like, modificated like if you opened it up, modification, if you didn't have your receipt, um, any power failures like mother nature or anything like that then that actually does void the warranty. Other than that any defective PS3s or anything like that is still, um, still under the warranty.

While that conversation does clarify that a dusty PS3 does not contribute to a voided warranty, which does not mean any chances should be taken. To avoid being screwed over, you would want to make sure that your great investment is always in great shape.

Continuously clean it during spare time to avoid dust collating inside. While this conversation pointed out that dust would not void the warranty, we advise you to take necessary precautious just in case.

Source: PS3fanboy