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Resistance Map Pack 2 unveiled

Insomniac games is planning on releasing another map pack for their highly successful title, Resistance: Fall of Man which is an impressive feat considering the title was released with the PlayStation 3 console almost a year ago.

The game has received plenty of updates by Insomniac such as an earlier map pack and patches that have changed the gameplay.

Ted Pice of Insomniac stated that the maps "also work with all sizes of games - from 8 players to 40 players. This is an important aspect of the maps - their sizes change based on the number of players. This is to ensure that all game sizes are fun."

Information on the two maps is detailed below:

Designed for both close-quarter and vertical combat. Bracknell takes place in a huge abandoned railway system which has been overtaken Chimeran architecture.

Created specifically for multiplayer, Axbridge features a combination of close-quarter combat and concealed sniping spots. It has a narrow corridor stretching under and above ground leading to two human bases on either side.