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Journey 2 is unlikely, says Sony executive

on 25 February 2013

Journey was a runaway success following its release on PlayStation Network last year, but those of you hoping for a follow-up will be left disappointed – the head of Sony’s Worldwide Studios has confirmed that a sequel won't happen.

The comments come following an interview with The Guardian, where Shuhei Yoshida mentioned that his “top three favourite games last year were Journey, Tokyo Jungle and Sound Shapes.”

“They’re wonderful games,” he said. “I spend lots of time tweeting about these games – I wish more people knew about them!”

However, Yoshida-san went on to note that a sequel to Journey is unlikely to happen, saying “the beauty of these games is that we never make sequels – there will be no Journey 2, I don’t think. These developers tend to want to do new things.”

Nonetheless, the executive is keen on seeing more titles such as Journey and Tokyo Jungle hit Sony’s online service. However, they have to reach the right people – something which PlayStation 4 can facilitate thanks to its more personalized network features.

"What we're doing with PS4 is we're trying to serve the right content to the right people," he said. "So Sound Shapes and Tokyo Jungle might not be for everyone, but there are certain people who love those types of games – once we know you like games like Tokyo Jungle, when a game like that comes out, we can push it onto your main screen, and suggest you try it – that's what we mean by personalisation.

"We want more games like this on PSN, but these games have to reach the right people in order to be successful. We want to use our network services to achieve that."