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PS4: Sony hints at 4k movie service

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on 3 March 2013

Sony has been hinting at a 4K-resolution movie service for some time now, but it seems that it may be a reality for PlayStation 4 owners.

Sony Electronics President & COO Phill Molyneux was interviewed by The Verge about 4K resolution on the PS4, and he talked about how 4K movies will be "100 gigabytes and plus" in size. To a lot of gamers, that doesn't sound like a pleasant adventure in Download Land.

Molyneux continues by saying that there are "challenges that we have to work through… we’ve got some very good ideas that will make that a comfortable consumer experience."

What do you guys think? Are you excited for a 4K movie service? Let us know down below and stay tuned to PlayStation Universe as we give you up to date information on all things PlayStation!