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Soul Sacrifice info burst from Famitsu

on 4 March 2013

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has awarded PlayStation Vita-exclusive actioner Soul Sacrifice a mighty 37/40 in its latest issue.

The review also unearthed a heap of interesting tidbits on the game. For starters, Soul Sacrifice lasts around 25 hours solo, though the multiplayer component can extend this playtime by a considerable amount.

The game boasts over 300 spells plus a varied crafting mechanic, allowing you to tinker with multiple load-outs. Furthermore, teamwork plays an integral role in multiplayer, requiring careful management of roles and skills in order to eliminate bosses, for example.

Soul Sacrifice is also said to be pretty brutal too, with Famitsu editors noting you’ll likely perish a lot of the time. In fact, the mag recommends playing with a mate to help take some of the strain off.

For those out of the loop, Soul Sacrifice is the brainchild of Mega Man legend Keiji Inafune, and was cobbled together by Sony’s Japan studio and Marvelous AQL.

The game launches in Japan this week, and arrives in the U.S. and Europe on April 30 and May 1, respectively.

via NeoGAF

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