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David Hayter may not voice Snake in Ground Zeroes

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on 5 March 2013

Konami and Kojima Productions may look elsewhere for a voice actor for series-acclaimed main character Big Boss instead of David Hayter in Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

In an informal poll, David Hayter asked his Twitter followers: "How would you react if I didn't play Snake in the next Metal Gear?" This may seem like nothing but a conversation building post, but what's strange is that Hayter included Hideo Kojima and Konami in this post. It might be posturing, but it also could be assumed that another voice actor is being considered for the role of Big Boss. This could be due to the fact that Big Boss, who was voiced by Richard Doyle in Metal Gear Solid 4, doesn't sound like David Hayter's Solid Snake.

With such loved voice actors like Christopher Randolph, Jennifer Hale, Phil LaMarr, and Quinton Flynn, Ground Zeroes might feel quite different from how past games have felt. Metal Gear fans may find it hard to acclimate to what may come from Ground Zeroes, but Hideo Kojima has proven himself time and again as a developer and a decision maker. Hopefully, he knows what he's doing.

Via Game Informer