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Santa Monica Studios eager to start developing for PS4: "we will blow you away"

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on 7 March 2013

Now that Santa Monica Studios is set to release God of War: Ascension next week, their eyes appear set on their next endeavor: the PlayStation 4.

For now, they're still dedicated to the PlayStation 3, especially since this installment of God of War features online for the first time in the series. Mark Simon, lead game designer, confirmed this to Eurogamer:

"To me [the PS4] is imagination land. We haven't touched it. We're not even concentrating on it. All we're concentrating on is we know we release in a week. I imagine we're going to be on our forums talking to players about the stuff they're experiencing in multiplayer and trying to address that stuff immediately. We're going to have half of our team ready to go for that stuff."

However, Mark did show his excitement for the new PlayStation hardware: "Well, the hardware itself has 16 times the memory we had on the previous console. The hardware takes a lot of the shackles off in terms of visuals ... If you give us enough time and you give us those specs, we will blow you away."

For now, all we can do is enjoy the titles that the legendary Sony-exclusive developer has created, and we also have the newest of the developer's vision hitting our PlayStation 3's next week, and, from what PSU's Steven Williamson found in his review, "Ascension delivers an action-packed, gloriously-produced, freak-bashing extravaganza with an addictive multiplayer component to boot." We have our work cut out for us in Ascension, and we can only dream at this point exactly what Santa Monica Studios could do with the massive numbers that the PS4 will tote.

Via Eurogamer