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Is the gaming industry crashing? A new short documentary hints that it is

on 11 March 2013

 A popular discussion in the gaming industry recently is whether or not the gaming industry is shrinking, or worse, possibly heading towards a crash. A new short documentary from CleverNoob takes an in-depth look into these claims.

CleverNoob's "Is the Gaming Industry Crashing?" video first takes a hard look at the original gaming industry crash of 1983 and the mistakes made by companies back then. The rest of the documentary analyzes the current state of the industry and finds mistakes game companies are making, some similar to those leading up to the 1983 crash. CleverNoob even provides quantitative facts and graphs to support their argument, with numbers that are hard to ignore.

Are we indeed at a high-risk for experiencing another crash in the gaming industry? Is the end of a console generation causing the decline or something else? Check out the video below and tell us your thoughts in the comments.