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Sony patching 'difficult' section in God of War: Ascension

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on 15 March 2013

A particularly tricky sequence in God of War: Ascension is to be toned down via a patch, developer Sony Santa Monica has confirmed.


News comes via Twitter following a fan complaint that the section in question – which takes part in the latter portion of Kratos’ bloody adventure – had him stumped for over two hours.

In response, Santa Monica’s Todd Papy said that it will be remedied soon.

"The elevator in chapter 28 is very hard to beat... I HATE YOU (Make a patch please, I've been like two hours trying it...)", the Tweet read.

"It will be patched very soon,” replied Papy.

Earlier this week it was confirmed that one of the Trophies in the game would receive a name change following several online complaints.

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