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Rumor: Final Fantasy XV will be a PS4 exclusive

on 19 March 2013

Sony and Square Enix are co-developing the next installment in the legendary (though recently maligned) Final Fantasy series: Final Fantasy XV, formerly Versus XIII. The rumor comes courtesy of VGLeaks.

No source or credibility is offered, so this rumor should be taken with a massive grain of salt. However, recent events lend credence to VGLeaks' report. Most notably, during Sony's PS4 reveal conference, Square Enix revealed that a new Final Fantasy game will be unveiled at E3. Furthermore, a recent website spotting indicates that the oft-delayed Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which made its formal debut in 2007, has been renamed to Final Fantasy XV and is undergoing design changes befitting of a main series installment.

The most uncertain information here is whether Final Fantasy XV (or whatever its called) will, in fact, be a PS4 exclusive. Historically, numbered-entry Final Fantasy games have favored Sony systems. Final Fantasy XI, XIII, and XIII-2 bucked the trend by also releasing on Xbox 360, but the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV reboot will make PS3 its console home.

What do you think? Tell us where Final Fantasy XV will end up in the comments below, and stay glued to PSU.com for the latest Final Fantasy news, including today's announcement of Final Fantasy X-2 HD.