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Bastion creator announces new game Transistor, platforms unknown

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on 19 March 2013

Supergiant Games, the development team behind XBLA, PC, and iOS indie hit Bastion, has announced its new game with a stellar reveal trailer.

Billed as "a fast-paced action experience" with "thoughtful strategic planning," Transistor stars a female protagonist who comes into possession of a mysterious, super-powerful weapon after a gang of assailants tries to kill her with it. As she sets out in search of the weapon's origins, she confronts numerous enemies and forces who would do her harm and take the weapon back. All this takes place in a "stunning, futuristic city."

Check out Transistor's reveal trailer below. Supergiant Games hasn't settled on platforms yet, but an early 2014 release date is pegged. Despite Bastion's console exclusivity, Supergiant Games has no official ties to Microsoft--and the indie scene on PlayStation has, since 2011, blossomed into something beautiful. There's no reason to think Transistor won't appear on PlayStation 4 early next year.

Sound off in the comments with your impressions of Transistor's reveal trailer.