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PS Vita-exclusive OPEN ME! coming to North America

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on 20 March 2013

The highly addictive augmented reality puzzle game OPEN ME! for PS Vita is heading to North America later this year. The game debuted at the Tokyo Game Show last fall and now comes word those in North America can also get their hands on this unique puzzle game.

Players are tasked with open a box and collecting what's inside in OPEN ME! While the task sounds quite simple, the boxes come equipped with traps and you'll need to use augmented reality to look closely at the boxes from every direction for any useful hints.

You can experiment with simple wooden boxes to sophisticated metal boxes. Each box has its own unique trick. You may have to stack colorful boxes from the inside of a larger box, or explore and disarm a box's security system.

The game features multiplayer where communication skills between players and speed are key to opening boxes. You'll need two PS Vita systems loaded with OPEN ME! Each challenge in multiplayer requires something different for each puzzle.

Look for more about the game at the upcoming Game Developer's Conference.