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Dead Island: Riptide hits us with new gameplay trailer

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on 21 March 2013

Deep Silver has today pumped out a brand new gameplay trailer for the upcoming zombie killer Dead Island: Riptide.

Riptide picks up immediately after its predecessor, with the survivors having escaped the onslaught of zombie hell on the Island resort of Banoi and landed safely on a military ship. However, all hell soon breaks loose.

A vicious storm runs the ship on land causing irreparable damage, so the survivors along with  newcomer John Morgan find themselves battling hordes of zombies wanting to feast on their flesh on the secluded island of Palanai.

With deep jungles and swamps for as far as the eyes can see, will you be able to survive this time? Dead Island: Riptide shambles into stores on April 23.

Check out the video below.