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Hideo Kojima: FOX Engine's goal is 'photorealism'

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on 21 March 2013

Recently on Twitter, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima discussed the goal of the FOX Engine along with his thoughts on technology and business.

"The concept of the 'FOX Engine' is photorealism. I think the era of sticking to graphics or sound is over. How you freely play, connect to the Internet, and pleasantly play are important points, but at the same time a minimum level of realism is still needed. We at Kojima Productions aim for the line where even simple models look real when zoomed out," explained Kojima.

Kojima also talked about the parallels he's noticed with new gaming technology during his career. "When Metal Gear Solid 1 was released in 1998, it was said it was the 'day [pre-rendered] movies vanished.' I deliberately used in-game polygons instead of pre-rendered graphics for cutscenes because that was the future. Nowadays, VFX movies are made with game engines. In 2010, I experimented with cloud networking for the handheld game Peace Walker. People laughed at that idea too."

Lastly, Kojima believes creative minds must be in touch with technology. "Businessmen in this industry think, 'Which platform or carrier will win? Which company shall we strengthen our relationship with?' when choosing their path for the future. As technology advances, it will be released from labs and spread into our everyday life. Creators should focus on future technology for their works."

Kojima is scheduled to give a presentation at the Game Developers Conference next week in San Francisco about Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and the FOX Engine, which will be live streamed online. He has previously said he wants to feature "limitless gameplay" and taboo subjects in Ground Zeroes.

What are your thoughts on Kojima's philosophy? Stay tuned to PSU for everything Metal Gear and more.