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Final Fantasy X, X-2 HD website launched

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on 22 March 2013

Square Enix has taken the wraps off the official website for its high-definition revamp of Final Fantasy X.

In addition, the publishing giant also took to the EU PlayStation Blog to officially confirm Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 for release in PAL regions later this year.

Both titles will be bundled together for PlayStation 3, though gamers can also pick up the classic PS2 RPGs separately for PS Vita.

Furthermore, the games will be based on the International release, and in the case of FFX-2 that’s an especially good thing – this version of the sequel never made to Europe, and is packed with extra content.

FFX International includes an Expert version of the Sphere Grid, allowing gamers to choose any path as all characters start in the middle. However, there are fewer nodes, resulting in a decrease in available upgrades. New abilities and superbosses will also be included.

Further details will be released at a later date.

Thanks to PSU member Agriel for the tip!