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Sony confirms 100+ PS Vita games for 2013

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on 22 March 2013

PlayStation Vita will receive over 100 new titles this year alone, Sony has said.

Speaking with IGN, Don Mesa, PlayStation’s director of product planning and platform software innovation, also divulged some interesting factoids regarding the portable games console.

Kicking things off, he said that one third of all games sold on PS Vita are bought digitally via PlayStation Network.

“Our users are embracing the PlayStation Store on the device and finding it very easy to download and get their games on their device and start playing,” he revealed.

Mesa went on to say that a survey conducted by Sony revealed that the platform holder has achieved an 86 per cent “satisfaction rate” among PS Vita gamers. Furthermore, 90 per cent of PS Vita owners play their system “on a regular basis,” which equates to at least once a week.

Perhaps the most interesting stat, however, is that the average PS Vita gamer uses their device 18.7 hours per week.

Finally, Mesa was also pressed on the subject of first-party titles. As it stands, only two of Sony’s studios are known to be beavering away on the system, prompting IGN to question what else is in the pipeline.

In response, the executive promised that the company has “got some [games] in the works that I can’t talk about right now. There are games that [Sony] Worldwide Studios guys are building that are… going to be very interesting and innovative, but to give it away too early… we’re always worried about copycats.”

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