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Retro City Rampage dev says Sony is easy to work with, beats Microsoft for developer freedom

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on 22 March 2013

PlayStation's cultivation of indie talent and willingness to work with developers is well-known, but yet another game developer has come forward to toss his hat in the Sony ring.

In an interview with IGN's Colin Moriarty, Brian Provinciano of Retro City Rampage fame professed that working with Sony on developing his open-world homage for PS Vita was an excellent experience. "My plan wasn’t actually do to handhelds originally," he explained. "It was just to do consoles and PC. But when it was so easy to develop on the Vita, well, why the heck not?”

Provinciano contrasted Sony's approach to indie talent and digital distribution with the infamously close-minded Microsoft. "With Microsoft especially, it’s like I’m dealing with a corporation . . . You have very little control," he said. "Like with the release date, for example, on PlayStation. You can work with them and they’ll give you feedback and say, ‘Hey, this week is pretty busy. You might want to do it another week.’ Or if you prefer, you can just say, ‘I want the game out this week,’ and they’ll say, ‘okay.’ They’ll put it out and try to promote it as well as they can.”

Provinciano's comments also touch on Xbox LIVE's slot system, which makes it difficult for lesser developers to make concrete release plans and have confidence in the marketing their games will receive.

Hit up the full interview on IGN, and stay tuned to for all things indie and PS Vita.