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First gameplay footage of rain, PSN exclusive from echochrome dev

on 25 March 2013

PlayStation Network-exclusive rain (stylized in the lower case) made its debut at Gamescom 2012, wowing attendees and gamers alike with unique gameplay where character movements and environmental happenings are only revealed in rain. Via the official PlayStation Blog, rain's first gameplay video delves deeper into the game's intriguing hook than the reveal trailer managed.

No platforms have been announced, but additional story details indicate that rain's protagonist--a young boy--seeks out a phantom girl and becomes invisible himself. He is only visibile when rain falls upon him; players must use this mechanic in a variety of environmental puzzles and to elude or distract enemies. 

Upon first viewing, rain's audiovisual aesthetic is striking. The game's mostly fixed camera angles and soft piano score comes across like Resident Evil meets ICO meets The Unfinished Swan--the whole thing defies explanation. Check it out for yourself, then hit us up in the comments below with your thoughts on PlayStation C.A.M.P!'s latest, following in the footsteps of TOKYO JUNGLE and echochrome.