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Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories joining PS2 Classics next week

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on 29 March 2013

Rockstar Games has announced that Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and its neon-'80s-fueled follow-up Vice City Stories will be coming to PlayStation Network as PS2 Classics next week.

Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories originally launched on PSP in 2005 and 2006, respectively. LCS explores events in the life of protagonist and Mob poster-boy Toni Cipriani leading up to the storylines of Grand Theft Auto III; VCS does the same for Victor Vance in the years before Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Each game was notable for bringing console-quality open-world gameplay to a handheld; in Liberty City Stories' case, the idea was previously unfathomable.

The games were eventually ported to PS2, and now come to PSN for your downloading pleasure. When the PlayStation Stores in North America and European territories update next week, you can purchase these adventures for $9.99 / €9.99 / £7.99 apiece.

If you're excited to play these crime-world classics on PS3, sound off in the comments below. Then, check out our latest coverage of Grand Theft Auto V, due for release this September.