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Deadpool development wrap triggers 40 employee layoffs

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on 2 April 2013

We are far from pleased to report on today's second round of game industry layoffs. This time, the cuts affect Deadpool developer High Moon Studios, and around 40 employees are now jobless.

In a statement to Kotaku, Deadpool publisher Activision explained its reasoning for the staff reduction:

"Activision Publishing consistently works to align its costs with its revenues – this is an ongoing process. With the completion of development on Deadpool, we are taking a reduction in staff at High Moon Studios to better align our development talent against our slate. Approximately, 40 full-time employees will be impacted globally. We are offering those employees who are impacted outplacement counseling services."

While employee layoffs in the wake of development completion is not unheard of (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale creators SuperBot Entertainment suffered the same fate earlier this year), we are saddened by the industry's loss and hope that all affected employees find new jobs soon.

Deadpool is scheduled to release this summer for PlayStation 3.