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Persona 4: Arena pre-order details drop

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on 5 April 2013

Publisher PQube has confirmed a stack of pre-order goodies for upcoming brawler Persona 4: Arena.

Due out in Europe on May 10, the Arc Sytems and ATLUS-developed title will offer pre-order customers an exclusive Limited Edition bonus content pack. This features an Official Arranged Soundtrack complete with exclusive artwork, plus a Digital Fan Pack.

The bonuses will only be available to pre-orders, and won’t be made up for grabs post-release.

Persona 4: Arena continues the narrative established in Persona 4: Golden, the critically-acclaimed JRPG that received a PlayStation Vita release in 2012. Players can select one of 13 different characters, each possessing their own unique campaign that packs over 30 hours of gameplay.

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