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Wal-Mart's PS3 + Blu-ray deal leaked

Starting at 8AM EST on November 24 and going all the way through 11:59PM November 25, Wal-Mart will be offering an exclusive blockbuster deal that includes the PlayStation 3 and a selection of Blu-ray movies of your choice.

For this limited time only, if you purchase the 80GB PlayStation 3 from Walmart, you will receive 10 free Blu-ray movies. Yes, you read correctly, not 50% off, but more so FREE. You purchase the PS3 and you pick out any 10 Blu-ray titles of your liking.

If the specific Wal-Mart does not carry a particular title, specifically for this promotion, the title will be sent to the store at your request.

This news comes earlier than Wal-Mart intended, but due to its inevitable popularity, we thought our readers would benefit from a heads up.

Source: Blu-ray Forums