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Quantic Dream's secret PS4 game could have multiplayer

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on 10 April 2013

A job posting by Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls developer Quantic Dream indicates that the French studio is exploring multiplayer for its upcoming, unannounced PlayStation 4 title.

Kotaku found the listing in question--a query on Quantic Dream's website for a "lead online programmer" with more than six years of experience and at least one AAA multiplayer title under his or her belt. Alongside the requisite "strong communication skills," "flexibility," and "leadership experience," Quantic Dream's ideal candidate must have "experience on Cloud/Grid Computing," lending credence to the presumption that Quantic Dream's multiplayer efforts will be focused on PS4. Of course, there's also the fact that Beyond: Two Souls is strictly single-player.

Our first indication of Quantic Dream's PS4 project came during February's PlayStation Meeting and PlayStation 4 reveal, when co-founder David Cage unveiled some jaw-dropping facial animation. Last month, the studio followed up by confirming that its first PS4 game is in the works.

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