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Flashback remake coming to PSN and XBL, trailer released

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on 11 April 2013

Do you remember the 1992 sci-fi themed platformer, Flashback? Well, thanks to its original creator Paul Cuisset and his studio Vector Cell, who are backed by publisher Ubisoft, we’ll be able to experience it all over again with a brand new remake for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live

Flashback follows Conrad B. Hart, an agent for the Galaxia Bureau of Investigation. The adventure takes place on Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, as Conrad investigates a plot to destroy the earth by aliens that have shape-shifted into government officials. Described as a cinematic platformer, gameplay involves natigating the environment, shooting down the bad guys and puzzle solving.

Flashback was well received by critics and started life as an Amiga game before receiving numerous ports, including Sega Mega Drive and Atari Jaguar versions. This new HD version of Flashback will be built from the ground-up for current consoles with gameplay enhancements, including a new upgrade system. However, Vector Cell says it will still stay true to the original in terms of storyline, enemies and characters.

You might remember that Vector Cell was the developer behind Amy, which scored an embarrassing 33 percent on review aggregation site Metacritic. Still, everyone deserves a second chance, so let’s hope this memorable classic will get the treatment it deserves.

Here's the trailer...


Flashback is due for release later this year and will be published by Ubisoft.