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Men's Room Mayhem coming to Vita, what goes on behind closed cubicle doors?

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on 12 April 2013

A team of ex-employees from Sony's Studio Liverpool, which closed its doors last year, have revealed a brand new I.P. that will launch on PlayStation Vita later this year.

The newly formed developer, Sawfly Studios has teamed up with Ripstone Games to work on a title called Men’s Room Mayhem. Little is known about the game other than its PG classification, though a piece of character art was tweeted by the studio back in February.

We contacted Ripstone for further information and the publisher told PSU that the "game is obviously related to "mens rooms", and what goes on behind closed cubicle doors (not in a dodgy way!)." Phew, that's a relief.

Will it be a glory-hole success, or a pile of steaming poo? With a title like that it could go either way. Hopefully, we’ll get some more information soon.

Source - AU Classification