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New PS Eye games in today's US update

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on 20 November 2007

Are you getting sick of EyeCreate? Don't own Eye of Judgment? Ready to do something other than video chat?

Our barrage of questions comes to an end due to two PS Eye games hitting the US PS Store in today's early update.

First up is Operation: Creature Feature, in which you must save these cuddly blurbs from sure destruction in approximately 40 obstacle-filled stages. They're attracted to motion, so get your jazz-hands warmed up. It'll be available on the Store for $4.99.

Next up we've got Aquatopia (known as Aqua Vita in Europe). This one is less of a "game" and more of an interactive experience. Using your PS3 combined with the PS Eye, you'll get a virtual fish tank in which the fish will react to your movement. This one will only cost $1.99 - it's just a shame this can't be the background of your XMB - how awesome would that be. More news on today's update en route.

Source: PlayStation.Blog