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Bethesda teases unannounced game, speculation points to Fallout 4 or new Wolfenstein game

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on 17 April 2013

Bethesda released two mysterious videos on Twitter yesterday and today which hint at a new unannounced title from the studio.

Both videos are very cryptic and have an experimental style to them. Betheda's first one shows spinning shots of barbed wire then quick cuts to a Moonbeam Trio vinyl record and then sheet music/another vinyl record of Bach's Air on the G String. The second features sunflowers swaying in the wind during the day with a man in the background then a shot of the flowers being lit on fire at night.

Is it a teaser for Fallout 4? Pete Hines, Bethesda's Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing, tweeted, "Guess again." Could it possibly be a new Wolfenstein? Bach was a German composer and the barbed wire could refer to internment camps run by the Nazis. Maybe out of nowhere it will be Doom 4?

Whatever it is, PSU is more than excited to hear what Bethesda has planned next. Speculate in the comments below and stay tuned for any breaking updates.