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Two new PSN titles announced at ESRB meeting

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During a weekly ESRB ratings report, two new titles for the PlayStation Network were informally announced - Aquatopia and Blockus Portable: Steambot Championship.

This is the first time that either of these names have been thrown around, and very little has been come out of Sony on either of the titles. A representative of the company did say that later this week more information would become available, followed closely by screenshots and possibly even a trailer or two.

The lack of solid information leaves quite a bit of room for speculation, and from what we can tell, Aquatopia may be either an entirely new water based game, or even just the new name for one of a few other "Aqua" themed games such as AquaVita.

As for Blokus Portable: Steambot Championship, it would only seem reasonable to assume that it will be a block based puzzle game taken from the RPG series Steambot Chronicles. However, until more is announced, stay tuned for confirmation and more information!