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No USB hub with PS3 Rock Band

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The sold out crowd is roaring, chanting for your band to take the stage…but you're forced to play without one of your band mates. That’s the problem that 40GB PS3 owners will be faced when they pick up their special edition bundle of Rock Band in the near future.

Along with announcing that the game had officially shipped to retailers, MTV and Harmonix also announced that the PS3 version of Rock Band would not include a USB hub to plug in the instruments to the console.

Although not a concern to owners of the 20, 60 or 80GB systems, the 40GB machine, which launched a little over 2 weeks ago, has only 2 USB ports instead of 4, leaving the owner of both the system and the game without the ability of playing with all the instruments included in the bundle at the same time.

There are third party manufacturers that do make USB hubs, specifically Pelican, which makes one specifically for Rock Band, but this will add an additional cost of USD 25 to your Rock Band purchase.

The game, for music fans and gamers, provides an innovative way to live out the inner rock star in you by playing your favorite songs through the use of three different types of instruments (guitar, microphone, and drums) through an off-line world tour mode as well as various online modes. The game boasts 58 tracks spanning different generations of rock from alternative to classic rock.