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Ex-THQ VP joins Nexon America

on 23 April 2013

Former THQ Vice President Ron Moravek, who found himself out of a job after the company went defunct and was sold off earlier this year, has been hired by game developer and publisher Nexon America, and will be granted the role of senior VP of live game operations.

Aside from spending fifteen years with THQ, Moravek also served as senior VP at NuCaptcha, was the CEO of Sitemasher, and COO of EA's Vancouver studio. His specific role in Nexon's operations remains unclear, but some speculation hints at him taking a pivotal role in expanding Nexon's presence in the social and mobile spheres.

Could Moravek's newly earned position mean the resurgence of ideas and concepts unique to the minds of THQ developers? Could Nexon become the herald of new titles inspired by the Red Faction, Saints Row, or Darksiders series?


Steven Chaffin is a US staff writer for PlayStation Universe who, whenever the tremulous obligations of life permit, enjoys sitting down to play a variety of role-playing, first-person shooter, and action titles. You can often find him in the cold climes of northern Skyrim, or knee deep in a zombie apocalypse. You can find him on Twitter.