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MGSV voice acting speculation complicated by recent 'OnigawaraV' video

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on 30 April 2013

The speculation that David Hayter will still voice his iconic role in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has been further complicated by unknown Youtube user OnigawaraV.

OnigawaraV is a Youtube username which provided the teaser called "The Chosen One," which is a video that was, as it seems, designed to hint Metal Gear fans into believing that David Hayter will once again voice Snake in MGSV. As it seems now, it might have been a trick. OnigawaraV uploaded another video titled "The Phantom Pain: Project Deception" that has some unknown voice actor attempting to mimic Snake's voice.

As a long time fan of the series, hearing any faux version of Snake's voice, even my own, cannot do justice to what David Hayter has done.

Speaking of David Hayter, he tweeted yesterday in response to the speculation that OnigawaraV's video is another trolling scheme which Hideo Kojima may be using to bring about more viral hype, and, though his statement is slightly ambiguous, it leads one to believe that Hayter is actually not involved with the new Metal Gear project after all. His official statement is:

"Seriously, guys? I am not "trolling" anyone..."

His post could either mean that he is not the one trolling, which means that he is not involved, or he could be saying that all of this build up should clearly indicate his involvement with Kojima Productions' new project. 

One way or another, this back and forth in regards to David Hayter's voice acting in MGSV may leave Metal Gear fans polarizing, where half side with Hideo Kojima and still purchase the new game and the rest side with David Hayter and protest by not buying it. Unfortunately, we won't know for sure what is really going on until E3 in June. Until then, check out the brief new video released by OnigawaraV found below, and let us know how you respond to the ambiguity surrounding this whole ordeal.



Tim Nunes, a US Managing Editor at PSU, can claim the Metal Gear Solid series as the main reason he began investing his time and money on PlayStation in the late '90s. Fellow avid fans of MGS can find Tim on his Twitter to talk about their favorite moments, theories on The Phantom Pain, or what exactly they think in regards to David Hayter voicing Snake in MGSV.