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PS4 is like the PC of the next few years, says Quantic Dream

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on 30 April 2013

The developer behind Beyond: Two Souls has likened Sony’s PlayStation 4 to the PC of ‘the next year or two years.’

The developer has been waxing lyrical over the PS4 since its unveiling in New York City in February. Quantic Dream generated much hype at the reveal following its impressive facial tech demo, depicting an elderly man pulling some meticulously-crafted expressions.

Speaking with GameSpot, Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere observed that early tests with the next-generation box are already producing a massive step up from PS3.

Like every machine though, the PS4 has its limits.

“There are limitations on the PlayStation 3 and there will be limitations on PlayStation 4,” he said. “With the PlayStation 4, it’s something that really is more like the PC of next year or two years.”

PS4 is scheduled to ship in holiday 2013.