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Batman: Arkham Origins dev seeks Creative Director for new DC game

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on 1 May 2013

Warner Bros. Entertainment Group, development team behind upcoming title Batman: Arkham Origins, is seeking expertise for a new development project.

The official position that Warner Bros. is looking to fill is Creative Director, and this director will be in charge of a team intended to expand "the DC Comics universe in the interactive space." Unfortunately, outside of mentioning DC Comics, the advertisement does not go into any specific details. Since this new project is being presented so far into the PlayStation 3 life cycle, it leads one to believe that this new AAA action/adventure game may be on the PlayStation 4. Again, there is no confirmation of this, but, with the PS4 hot on the horizon, the potential for this new DC-based game to launch on Sony's new console is fairly high.

Anyone looking to apply for said position will need a lot of hefty credentials. Not only are applicants required to have over 10 years of design experience, they also "must have shipped at least 1-3 titles as a Design Lead or Creative Director" as well as a "minimum 4-year degree or equivalent with excellent critique and vocabulary skills."

The stakes are high for this upcoming DC Comic title, but, with Mark Hamill no longer voicing The Joker and Kevin Conroy stepping down from his iconic Batman voice acting role, it's hard to believe that this new title will take place in or around Gotham City. Regardless, anything outside of the hard facts is mere speculation at this point, but we here at PSU will update as more information on Batman: Arkham Origins, Warner Bros., and this pending AAA action/adventure title release.

Source: The Escapist, Time Warner