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PlayStation 2 trade-ins will soon cease, says GameStop

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on 5 May 2013

According to a GameStop employee, the massive U.S. retailer will no longer accept PlayStation 2 consoles, games, and accessories for trade-in on June 1.

PlayStation Universe sought official comment after a Reddit user posted a photograph of a GameStop poster announcing the policy change. Our source, a high-level employee with GameStop, confirmed the company-wide date and said that many stores had ceased accepting PS2 trade-ins as early as April 1.

Back in January, global production of the PS2 console came to a halt after 12 years. Sony had stopped production of the console in Japan only a week prior.

Shortly thereafter, PSU editors and staff writers shared their fond memories of the PlayStation 2. Read our heartfelt thoughts, and sound off in the comments below if you're sad to see this change in GameStop stores.

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